Fishing Charter Directory

Charterboat fishing in Westport is part of our common heritage in Washington State. Over the past five decades, millions of people have experienced the thrill of landing a salmon, ling cod, halibut, or tuna. Generations of people have as key memories in their life the fishing trips they took with their father or grandfather. The sheer joy of pulling up "the big one" or even the not so big one is hard to compare with anything else. Start a new tradition and book a fishing trip to Westport this season! Here are some of the local charter offices that can help you plan your trip:

Advantage Charters 360-648-2277

Angler Charters 360-268-1030

Cachalot Charters 360-268-0323

Deep Sea Charters (360) 268-9300

Washington West Fishing Adventures
Westport Charters (800) 562-0157

Westport Sport Fishing 866- 964-8862