Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rusty Scupper Pirate Daze 2011 - Tentative Schedule

If you've not visited Westport for the Rusty Scupper Pirate Daze festival, you need to make plans now to come down to the beach from June 24 - 26 and check out this event. It's entertaining, family friendly, and really a one-of-a-kind festival. Particularly with this year's launch of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, it should be a great event.

New for this year will be the Pirates Breakfast at Half Moon Bay Bar & Grill and an inflatable bounce house amusement area near Scallywag Alley (Scallywag alley is an area for kids games. All games are $0.50 each).

Also, during this weekend, the Maritime Museum and Washington's Tallest Lighthouse are charging reduced admission of $2 to enter either attraction! That's half the normal price!

Here is the tentative schedule, updates will be posted as they are available:

Friday, June 24, 2011

12:00 Noon Festival opens with pirates, vendors, games in Scallywag Alley, inflatable amusements for children, train rides, Sword Balloons,.

1:00 PM Northwest Gypsy Quest Belly dancers perform on the street by the Main Stage; Rusty Scupper Pirate Band performs on the Buccaneer Stage; Captain Arr performs next to the Islander

1:30 PM Mini Brig Battle - Jade Dragon Pirates

2:00 PM Boom Pirates Black Powder Demonstrations (definitely worth watching)

4:30 PM Jade Dragon Pirates - Swordfights with Children

6:00 PM Pirates of the Caribbean Characters Contest.

7:00 PM Pirate After Party @ Viking Bowl

Saturday, June 25, 2011 (Entertainment on various stages goes on all day)

8:00 - 11:00AM Pirate Breakfast at Half Moon Bay Bar & Grill ($5/person if dressed in pirate garb; $8/person if dressed in street clothes)

10:00 AM Pirate Daze street fair opens

10:45 AM Pirates invade Westport

11:15 Pirates & Scallywag costume contest/Boom Pirates Black Powder Demonstration

11:30 Jade Dragon Swordfights

11:45 Treasure Chest Drawings

2:00 Folk Style Belly Dancers on Main Stage

3:15 Mini Brigs Demonstration & Play Comedy Pirates in Red Pants Performance

4:00 Hops Ahoy Belly Dancers

4:30 Vintage Costume Contest

6:30 Jade Pirates Wedding Vow Renewal

7:00 Pirate Potluck @ Viking Bowl

Sunday, June 26, 2011 (Entertainment on various stages goes on all day)

8:00 - 11:00AM Pirate Breakfast at Half Moon Bay Bar & Grill ($5/person if dressed in pirate garb; $8/person if dressed in street clothes)

10:00 AM Pirate Daze street fair opens

10:30 AM Belly Dancers Performance

10:45 Professional Pirate and Scallywags Contest

11:30 Treasure Chest Drawings

11:45 Salty Dog Costume Contest

12;00 Mini Brig Battle

2:00 Pirates on Parade!

4:00 Closing Announcements

New Commerical for Westport Washington Tourism

Have you seen the new Westport commercial? Now airing on... well, I don't really know where its airing, but a friend whose daughter is in it posted it on Facebook. It's cute. Watch it!

Take a Little Vacation from Howell at the Moon Productions on Vimeo.

Monday, May 23, 2011

NW Backroads filming in Westport, Washington

"Northwest Backroads" is a weekly outdoor magazine show highlighting the people, places and things that make the Pacific Northwest unique. Its goal is to give viewers a leg up when looking for that perfect vacation spot, hidden getaway or interesting tidbit of Northwest culture.

So today they filmed at the lighthouse, the Maritime Museum, Seafood Connection on Float 8, and on the Islander Patio while having lunch at the Half Moon Bay Bar & Grill. Lunch is always a little more fun when you have cameras in your face!

Look for Westport on a future NW Backroads episode!

Lacey Resident Hooks 133 lb Halibut off Westport

It's been a strong Halibut season, which is coming to a close here this week. Most of the folks we've been talking to were catching halibut in the 30 - 40 pound range. One of our guests caught a 54 pounder. But this one take the cake!!

It took Mike Homes of Lacey more than an hour to reel in this 133 pound halibut near the shore area off Westport. That's a lot of Halibut fillets!!

Westport Charter Boat Association supports sustainable recreational fishing with the following schedule of directed and open fishing days in 2011:

· Rockfish – limit ten and open year round

· Lingcod (limit two now through 10/15/11)

· Halibut on Sunday and Tuesday to 5/29/11 as directed

· Salmon season is open 6/18/11 to 9/18/11 (limit is two) with the first 8 days, through 6/28/11 as Chinook-only days. During this period the Chinook must be hatchery fish (missing adipose fin).

· Salmon fishing for all species starts 6/26/11 (limit is two), Sunday through Thursday only. Coho must have an adipose fin clip. All Chinook may be retained

· Tuna starts early July to mid October, 7 days per week.