Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Destination Turin Culinary class at the Westport Winery

Even though we've been having amazing warm and sunny weather the past few weeks, February and Valentine's day always causes me a bit of wanderlust. Just as I was imagining a week abroad, I recieved this announcement for a cooking class featuring the Piedmont region of Italy. I will admit, I had to look up Turin, but it sounds wonderful. If you're experiencing some wanderlust, the entire announcement is listed below.

Also, if you haven't been in lately, the Winery is now carrying award -winning Estrella Family Creamery cheese, created locally in Montesano. Very worth the trip!

Join us at Westport Winery for the second stop following the travels of Jules Vernes’ intrepid adventurer Phileas Fogg as we travel to the Piedmont region of Italy. On Sunday, February 21, from 3p.m. to 5p.m. Chef Erin Worth, will share with students some of the secrets in creating authentic Piedmontese cuisine in her class called Destination Turin. Each of these five courses will be expertly paired with Westport’s award winning wines with an emphasis on selections made similar to those in the Italian tradition.

The class will start with bread and Bagna Coda (Bah-nya Kaw-dah) a classic dip comprised of olive oil, garlic, anchovies and spices. As an appetizer the class will learn to create an antipasto called Uova alla Sarda (Ew-oh-vah ah-la sar-dah) or Sardinian hard-boiled eggs paired with Pinot Noirvana. The next course will feature Panzanella (pahn-sahn-ella), a bread, tomato, and cucumber salad paired with Night Watch. The soup of the day is Mestra di cicerchie (may-strah dee chi-chair-kee) or chick-pea which will be paired with Charterboat Chick’s Cabernet Sauvignon. An entrĂ©e of Agnolotti(ah-nyuh-LAHT-tee), a Piedmontese stuffed pasta filled with meats and cheeses will round out the dinner menu paired with Jetty Cat Red. However, no meal is complete without dessert. And this is where Chef Worth will teach you to make Zabaglione (za-bal-yone) with a cookie that is hand dipped in chocolate to go with the custard complimented by Going Coastal, Westport’s sparkling Gewurztraminer.

The price to attend this class is $30 per person or $25 for wine club members. Reservations are required to attend this latest culinary adventure. For more information call Westport Winery at 360-648-2224.